Umm, Tim… Why are you so much taller than Cassie when she was clearly taller than you earlier in the episode (or at least at level height with each other)?

But not seriously folks, the inconsistency bothers me.

Also because I have always thought of the Wonder Women as these fierce powerful warriors and completely loved the fact that they were much more muscled than the average super-heroine as well as the fact that they often towered over other male heroes. They’re not the typical femme fatale character that so often appears in this type of media (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and they don’t have to be. They’re noble warriors and soldiers in their own right.

I have also always thought of Tim as the runt of the Bat-family. Even Damian would have eventually outgrown if he lived that long *sobbing*. Tim isn’t supposed to be all that impressive physically, because what he lacks in physical prowess he makes up for with his hacking and detective skills (This is also my problem with DCnU Tim, I mean super athlete? What is that?). Brainy is sexy! And I’m also really tired of seeing these overly muscled, macho man types (it’s gross sometimes and no one actually looks like that!)

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this either.

(No Dick stop! You’re not supposed to be tall, you’re an acrobat. Also Kori is one of the most physically imposing women in the DCU! Why is she shrinking?)

Why is it that women in DC can’t be taller than their partners? There is nothing wrong with showing a strong powerful woman in a relationship. No one has to be the weaker sex. And it wouldn’t be emasculating to the male who theoretically should be used to being around these powerful ladies anyway! If anything it would be really humbling and show that comic book ladies are on equal grounds with their male counter-parts.

And coming back to Cassie, why is it that whenever Cassie gets a boyfriend she looses her personality?

I would have thought that this girl would relish making shy, awkward Timmy squirm instead being to shy herself to do anything about it (She has ovaries of steel!).

The whole Wonderbird thing just blind-sided me. I have no qualms with the pairing (this isn’t the comic books after all, though I prefer TimSteph). But I would have actually liked to see some meaningful interaction before-hand (And I know neither of them got much screen time but if they’re relationship was such an important part of the finale why didn’t we see them in the spotlight more?). It just came out of nowhere and seeing them together with Tim towering over Cassie (or anyone) just seems wrong.

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    It’s because Tim’s standing slightly behind Cassie so it looks like she’s taller
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